Mike Johnston at T.O.P. picks D800E - for B&W especially

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Re: Mike Johnston at T.O.P. picks D800E - for B&W especially

moving_comfort wrote:

All I know is that I've been shooting B&W more with my D800 than I have with all my other cameras combined, and I'm not sure why - the combination of detail & DR just makes B&W a joy to use.

For almost 50 years I shot film (still doing) and since 2000 digital as well. Regarding B&W I never liked the digital results out of any camera I have used so far. Since the last July I am using a D800E and for the first time I am pleased with the B&W results. My reasoning: The gray scala is not far different than film, highlights "extending" properly before clipping; probably because of 14+ DR of the D800/E, not much different than what we get with the Tri-X or HP5. For optimum results  I might recommend you to try Phase One Capture One 6 or 7; you may not feel any need for additional software like SilverEfex, etc.

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