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Re: Oly and Sony are 4-5 stops faster..... !

rayman 2 wrote:

Oly and Sony are 4-5 stops faster..... ! Why because although we told Nikon a dozen times

fast lenses do not have image stabilisation... and thats to bad...no IBIS.... ! : (

No they are not 5 stops faster but you get my point...


Image stabilisation degrades image quality, it makes no difference if it is in lens or in body, it does help with vibrations imparted by the photographers body at slow shutter speeds, but a superior result can still be obtained by switching it off and supporting the camera properly.

Fast lenses with a focal length under 100 mm on FX, or the equivalent on a smaller format, do not need image stabilisation as the shutter speed, particularly with high ISO cameras, can be raised to compensate. Also if the shutter speed is above 1/500 second image stabilisation is ineffective anyway, and can actually degrade lens performance. Unfortunately a lot of photographers believe otherwise, hence the current situation where most lenses have it, but those aimed at the professional market don't, a prime example being the recently introduced  Canon 24-70 f2.8.

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