Simple Question: 16MP X-E1/X-Pro1 X-Trans vs. 24MP D600 - IQ ONLY

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Re: Simple Question: 16MP X-E1/X-Pro1 X-Trans vs. 24MP D600 - IQ ONLY

Loving attention to raw processing only using whatever software performs "best" (NOT most "convenient" or popular software) for each camera.

I think he's not interested in the old story "bad conversion of fuji xtrans RAW by lightroom".

I don't have the D600, but had the 5DII (a full frame camera) with some fine lenses (like the 35L, the 24LII...).

1) Regarding IQ I think the D600 will be a step ahead not because of colour, DR, high ISO noise...but because a bigger sensor is generally better for detail rendering and bokeh (lenses need less resolving power).

2) The Nikon lineup is complete: you can have whatever lens you want: zoom, prime, fast, macro, stabilized, t&s, tele, superwide...ecc ecc. Fuji's is not (yet).

However for me 2) is not very important, as I'm not a macro or sport or wildlife shooter nor a pro. The important thing is weight+size. A D600 with 3 or 4 fast primes or zooms is a big and heavy setup. I gave up a bit of IQ (not so much though) for a more convenient package.

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