In Nikon D800e validated the vibrations and the tripods

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LV mode and Low Vibration mode in DSLR cameras, Nikon, Canon, Sony

What time would Nikon bring Zero vibration mode in DSLR cameras?
--- LV mode and Low Vibration mode in DSLR cameras
--- Canon and Sony with an electronic 1st shutter curtain method

a very very heavy platform was placed for the heavy microscope system, no doubt, the platform device is enough strong and stable, far over any tripod, if you knew about the old darkroom enlarger platform.

Unluckily, as you still seen the focal plane shutter bounce vibrations blurred the imaging, when using mirror lockup.

Not to mention a lighter tripod and a lighter weight's camera and telephoto lens with a sensor in 3.8μm or 4.8μm together.
What's better than mirror lock? Oct 2009

However, Please Note, an electronic 1st shutter curtain method can offer Zero vibration on the Live-View shooting.

Canon launched eos 40d in 2007, therefrom Canon's DSLR cameras have been employing this "electronic 1st shutter curtain" for "Low Shock shooting" in Live-View mode, the "Silent" is merely a byproduct, Canon's true purpose is with the shortest shutter lag and the Zero vibration on the Live-View shooting.

Sony have also employing "an electronic 1st shutter curtain" since 2011, like some SLT models and mirrorless cameras.

Canon said about "an electronic first shutter curtain",
Live View Mode also provides the option for Silent Shooting. In Live View Mode, the camera makes use of an electronic first shutter curtain for Silent or Low Shock shooting.

Canon in eos 5d3 page said below,

Canon so-called "Silent mode" in eos 5d3 has some new change, --- in the SLR shoot manner provides an optional deceleration shoot mode with 3 fps, the mirror drive device can be switched to a low gear, much lesser mirror slap vibrations, the eos 5d3 mirror drive has dual builds.

Deficiencies, the eos 5d3 focal plane shutter is still lacking a decelerated drive mode.
Also, Canon tell us,
some lenses could get CD-AF problem in Live-View, a long time's Live-View shooting could arise much more heat in the 5d3 body with other problems. (Since the 5d3 mirror box is plastic, so it is adversely to the sensor's heat dissipation).

In autumn 2012, Canon EOS 650d and Sony a99 both have already employing on-sensor PD-AF for hybrid AF system, thus the Live-View gets further forward.

In currently, Nikon DSLR cameras have not yet employ the electronic 1st shutter curtain, nor a deceleration shoot mode. Nikon need to catch up, in Zero vibration.

I expect Nikon d800s and d600s.

(Remarks, in a DSLR camera, the shutter still has the curtains both 1st and 2nd, when the SLR manner shooting that was needed a pair of curtains)

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