LX3 True 24mm?

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Re: it's a mystery

Erik Ohlson wrote:

Of course you just want to know how things work, and I'm simply trying to help you understand basically how your camera works.

"No one was talking about barrel distortion", but it is part and parcel of the constraints on lens design, and one of the many things that firmware corrects from the raw image to make our lives easier, so it's part of the discussion whether we are talking specifically about it, or not. All of the defects I mentioned above exist in every zoom lens. ALL have to be delt with.

It would have been nice if they unlocked the distortion correction in RAW. It´s just good to know RAW is untouched, I mean that´s the whole reason we shoot RAW right? Unfortunately it seems like no one´s leaving their RAWs untouched these days...

Your profile says you are in university.

Perhaps you might be able to talk to a Physics or Astronomy professor who might be able to give you some ideas; it's a fascinating field, and you may really enjoy looking into it.

Lens design is very complex, and we are very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of generations of engineers solving so may problems, which make these marvelous cameras possible.

Looking at the LX7, the lens is slightly large and they managed to make it 1 stop brighter. Makes you wonder if they just made the lens bigger but kept the same aperture & zoom range, could it have improved the corner performance & distortion?

" Also software correction can only remove distortion at the expense of resolutions. That's not a real solution."

Not necessarily, and it's as real a solution as we are likely to see any time soon.

Well let´s be honest here, software correction is the cheapest method and most people are aware of it or aren´t bothered.

Good luck, just be assured it's PHYSICS, not someone trying to fool us.


I thank you for your input Erik.

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