D800 flashing "Err" message in P,A,S modes

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Re: D800 flashing "Err" - one fix

Yea this has happened twice. Not sure what lens you're using but this happened when I was walking with my 70-200 and it seems that I can only shoot wide open without receiving the Err message. After a lot of playing around, I've found that it seems to have something to do with the lens mount itself because there is some minute play with the lens on the body. It seems that wiggling the lens back and forth and pressing the DOF preview button I can get the camera to stop reporting the Err code. However, I only get one shot with any aperture over the maximum then I have to repeat the process.

I have tried different lenses and all have the same problem. I've also cleaned contacts, reset the camera and tried different memory cards.

This is going right back to Nikon the second I have the chance as it has ruined a trip.

dbphotos wrote:

I had the same issue yesterday. This worked to free my D800:

1. Remove both memory cards and the battery.
2. Put the battery back in.

3. Click the shutter (mine let me do this even with the Err message showing in the top LCD). I have custom setting f11 set to "enable release".
4. Now hit the playback button.

On my D800, the Err message wentd away immediately and a photo was recorded to the camera's memory (shows up as "demo"). In fact, I found that I could take a number of photos without any memory cards installed.

I do not know if this was just a fluke, or if this actually fixed the problem - the camera has been working fine ever since. Go figure.

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