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I'm a long time reader of DPReview but first time poster. I'm interested in purchasing a compact camera to complement my D700. I'm finding that I'm taking less photos with my D700 as it is often too bulky to carry on day trips (in addition to managing two active young boys under 5!). So my thinking is that I will get something a little more compact so that I can continue to get those precious moments.

I was ready to buy the Panasonic Gx1 due to the good reviews and price point, but soon discovered the G5. The G5 is a more recent model and only very slightly more expensive than the Gx1. They seem to be comparable in terms of specs, yet I haven't found any reviews comparing the two on image quality and performance.

Which one would you chose? Or should I be looking at another option at this price point? I'm not after the top of the range, but just need something that will allow me to take good photos at the times when I can't be bothered lugging the D700 around.


I used to shoot with the gx1 and now I'm using the G5. IQ wise their pretty much equal. The biggest difference in the handling and they feel like two totally different cameras even though their so much in common between them. The G5 just allow more flexibility in use from the swivel screen and the viewfinder lets you shoot under bright sunlight and in tight spaces where you can bring it up right to your face. I also have the d700 and swapping between that and the G5 is much easier than to the gx1. I don't find it compact enough to be worth the compromise after my experience with the g5.

The g3 is also a good choice with a similar sensor and lower price. Definitely do have a look at the em5 as well. It's pricier but worth it.

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