Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

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Re: Man arrested for taking photographs of children at bus stop.

It is not generally realised that in the UK there are a quite a number of people who are interested in buses as a hobby, just as others are interested in "trains, planes and automobiles" or, as in my case merchant ships. They certainly number at least enough to support at least one monthly magazine and some websites, and as part of their hobby, just like me with mine, they like to take photographs of the subject they are interested in.

The facts as related here indicate that that the police have not found any photographs on his phone  which show children as the main subject and the complainant has not come forward. I would suggest that the following is a fairly accurate summation of the course of events, as ever your opinion may/will vary, this is mine.

A 38 year old man who is interested in buses as a hobby visits a bus station to see and photograph the buses. A woman who reads the 'Red Top' newspapers, particularly the Sun, the Murdochs main so called newspaper in the UK, and therefore 'knows' that all men are paedophiles, because the Sun has told her so over and over again, sees the man taking photos. Because there are children about she immediately thinks 'paedophile', after all aren't they everywhere according to the Sun, and complains to the security staff. They call the police who then arrest the man.

During the conversation between the man and the police at the bus station the woman realises that the man was only taking photographs of the buses and disappears. The police have now realised that the man was just innocently photographing buses, but to close the file need to interview the woman, who isn't going to come forward voluntarily so are looking for her.

Welcome to the UK in the 21st century. A place where paranoia has replaced common sense.

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