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Re: Look in your own psychological mirror, lanef!

YoHahnMD wrote:

lanef wrote:

Happy? Really? What do you want us to believe next, you are the Pope?

Have you ever heard about behavioural analysis?

Well, your behaviour betrays the real person that you are inside, that person that you may try to hide or be in denial about.

So If I try to draw a profile of you according to your behaviour, I can assure you, this is not the profile of a happy person, quite the opposite. Have you ever seen a happy person spitting so much negative chips? Look in your psychological mirror, you will see a very ugly image which is the killer of happiness.

lanef . . .

Ever stop and think about actually being what you say in your postings?

And . . . what makes you the local Off Topic Forum's psychologist, anyway?

Why should we take your words at face value when you aren't even qualified to post the words you did above?

Qualified? Studying psychology was an important part of my graduate studies and still get to do refresher course every now and then.

Not too mention that, by your very own words, you are every bit as guilty of the same things you accuse Simon of being.

No wonder, birds of the same feather flock together, I understand.

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