Why is pic so dark?

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Re: Why is pic so dark?

WilbaW wrote:

As far as I know, you can't spot meter a flash exposure with Canon gear, so at least one of us is confused about something.

Tell me more about what you mean by spot metering in this case.

I mean, switching the camera's metering mode from the default Evaluative to Spot to have the camera calculate the proper exposure based on whatever is in the center spot in the viewfinder.

Assuming I correctly understand how this metering mode works, then if Spot metering is set and the center officemate's face in put smack in the center of the viewfinder, the camera should calculate correct exposure for the face only, and not take into account the white walls up and any off-center flash reflection from the background office glass.

If it does this, wouldn't the camera (via E-TTL) now tell the mounted 580EX II what flash power it needs to set to correctly expose the face? End result for the OP's situation would be a photo with properly exposed faces but with likely - though acceptably as this is meant to be an office party snapshot - overblown walls and flash reflection.

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