Simple Question: 16MP X-E1/X-Pro1 X-Trans vs. 24MP D600 - IQ ONLY

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Re: Simple Question: 16MP X-E1/X-Pro1 X-Trans vs. 24MP D600 - IQ ONLY

Mescalamba wrote:

IQ only?

D600 right now, cause most RAW converters suck for Fuji (SilkyPix is pretty much like JPEGs from camera and RPP is bit niché). If I was comparing JPEGs, then Fuji wins.

When and if Adobe manage to process RAWs from Fuji properly, then Im for Fuji. Fuji made mistake in this, they should have allowed Adobe, Phase One, Apple to have at least half a year or year to make some demoisacing algorithm ready when X-Pro 1 hitted shelves.

And its not like its first time when Fuji is facing this..

Agreed.  With every passing month the X-Trans is turning into a debacle.  The lack of RAW options for users of this camera is incredible.   How many more months until Fujifilm's "help" working with Adobe yields results?

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