D600 close to D4 at high ISO

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Re: D600 close to D4 at high ISO

chipmaster wrote:

My quick take shooting a D600 and D4 during a concert last night is at same viewing size the D600 and D4 are pretty comparable, not a peeping comparision just a quick look at a couple hundred JPGs.

My D600 is a keeper as my second body. Its goldilocks, got more than enough resolution, in a weatherized yet stiill light body, nice quiet shutter, ISO when I need it.

When it is time for sports the D4 wipes both the d800 and d600 I don't care how nice resized 36 and 24 meg look, I'll pick my D4 everytime.

No questions for peepers and measurbators that D800 and D600 offer huge bang for buck in resolution, DR and noise, but there is a lot more in an image than just that

Of course the D4 beats those cameras hands down if fps is what you want, nobody can deny that simple fact, but here the OP picked a test exsample which is not holding because if you really care about your images than you do the best you can to create the best out of the files you get. It's not at all about pixel peeping, megapixels, DR or ISO noise, it is a tecnical discussion, and in which cases that matters or what is and what is not a good photogrpaph is a totally different subject.

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