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Re: Focus Issue Question

painterdude wrote:

Okay ..did a vat of chart tests ..Had lens open to 1.4 AF-S on tripod, re racking with each shot varied between LV vs AF center & left. about 30-40 tries

Conclusion ...Hum ..its hit and miss . Often the left AF and LV have the same perfect focus .Sometimes the left is slightly out of focus..though the LV always remains perfect.

What the heck do I make of this ?? I have a slight Left Focus issue sometimes sometimes not ??

CDAF or LV AF is always right and accurate if the camera can manage to focus using it. PDAF is not always right and not always as accurate as CDAF. The center 15 PDAF areas are cross sensitive areas, the outer areas are not. This means they are not always as accurate as the center 15 areas are and sometimes can miss or give you less accuracy, especially compared with CDAF.

Also when testing do as Fayard says, take multiple shots of the same target offseting the focus between each shots. Personally I always take 2 x 10 with 10 offset to infinity and 10 offset to nearest focus. I learned that during my use of Olympus E-3, which had severe AF problems but only when going from one direction. Don't remember if it was from nearest or from infinity, but remember that one was a problem the other was not nearly as much of a problem, but still problematic.

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