SX50 Mini-Review Take One - Initial Observations, SX50 vs SX40, and Images

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Re: SX50 Mini-Review Take One - Initial Observations, SX50 vs SX40, and Images

Dale Buhanan wrote:

As an aside, another observation: I like the grip on the SX50 better than the SX40. It feels like it is a little deeper and more comfortable, but there is a little shelf at the top of the grip that the shutter button is on. This little shelf sits on your middle finger and supports the camera even if you let your grip tightness slacken. It makes the grip very positive and the camera can't slip down out of your hand. There is a hint of a nub of one on the inside of the grip on the SX40, but on the SX50 it has matured into a full grown little shelf. I like that.

Thanks again for your great mini review., vision. I have read through it and studied your pictures 3 times now. I also have bookmarked it.

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kind regards

Thank you for that!  I don't think you were talking about the top of the "shelf" but that's what I got from reading your description at first.  So I held my camera and put my index finger just behind the shutter button.  It fits perfectly.  Between the deep grip, the bottom of the "shelf" that my middle finger rests under and the top of the "shelf", I really feel like I have a firm, dependable grip.

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Monica/Canon SX50

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