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Re: a few you missed

Fact checkers are not going to get in the way of their campaign.

Claim that 95% of Planned Parenthood services are abortions, find out its really something like 3%, then claim that you weren't really trying to state facts, just trying to make a point (or something crazy like that)

If you're not white, you're not a real American (at least not a valued one)

If you don't think its still 1952, you're a socialist (Democrat).

War is free, healthcare will bankrupt the nation.

If you're not rich, you're a freeloader.

If you use birth control, you're a whore.

Oil companies are our friends, if we let them drill anywhere they want it will produce more domestic oil and they will sell it to us for half the world-wide market price just because they like us so much and want to see us happy.

Fox News is fair and balanced.

America has the best health care system in the world.  (we may have some of the world's best doctors, and even best hospitals, but our overall system sucks as a nation)

America has the best everything in the world.  Nevermind that statistics clearly disprove this claim in many instances, we don't care (see first line above).  Since we have the most money we must be the best at everything because what more is there to life than a balance sheet and bank account?

Excessive regulation is killing Wall St.

Forget about manufacturing and engineering, anyone can do that, so let India and China take over those trivial industries.  Trading paper is where the real profits (and future) are at.

I'm sure there's lots more I haven't thought of, but the last and most important one is:


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