Sandhill Cranes

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Re: Finding Sandhill Cranes
dave gaines wrote:

I like the action you've captured with the cranes in flight. I think the challenge you mentioned would be easier if the sky were blue instead of white overcast. It's easier to shoot into a blue sky than a white sky, which is actually much brighter than a blue sky. If you get so lucky as to find these birds on a blue sky day, there's your BIF shot.

Actually, the sky was a heavily overcast grey, but the stop plus that it required to get the level of detail and colour in these ends up rendering it nearly white. I have taken a few of these birds in flight against a blue sky:

Crane against clouds and sky.

and of this group:

But you'll note that there tends to be a lot less detail and colour under the wings.  Actually, my best shots have mostly been on overcast days...of which we probably get a lot more than you do !

I take it these were taken in your area. We rarely get these birds here in So Cal. There isn't enough water and food for them anywhere near here that I'm aware of. I keep waiting for the early winter rains to fill a salt marsh in Corrizo Plain during their migration season.

Yes, they stop over every year on the sandbanks of the South Saskatchewan River and in the fields, mostly the grain stubble fields on both sides of it.

One of the regulars on Oly Talk Forum, Now Olympus Compact Talk, Steve Grooms wrote a good book about the Sandhill Cranes, "Cry of the Sand Hill Cranes". It's a good read about finding them in the midwestern US near the Canadian border

Will be looking for that!

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Thanks again for looking and for your thoughtful comments.

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