Purple fringing under very bright conditions and maximum aperture

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Re: Purple fringing under very bright conditions and maximum aperture

rkeller wrote:

Mark Chan wrote:

John King wrote:

It looks as if it is significantly worse when your metering is "off" a bit to my eyes.

As a person that rarely prints, I still agree that it'll be hard to see on prints. And yes, its very easily triggered when there is overexposure.

Stopping down to f3 - f3.5 from my shots yesterday apparently eliminated the issue.

It does appear that you were slightly overexposing a lot of the wide-open aperture shots, whereas the few you showed stopped down a bit were exposed more properly. I would hazard a guess it's a combination of both. Regardless, the CA tool in Lightroom 4.x works wonders to clean things up.

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absolutely accept that; relying on the Camera's metering mode and using a UV reactive pair of glasses makes it difficult to ascertain correct exposure.  BUT, the issue is real and should be understood lest some other comes in and compares their big guns and disses the lens that its not worth the money.

And as Anders mentions, LR 4 the way to go.


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