Upgrade D7000 to D600 or D800? Which one?

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Re: Upgrade D7000 to D600 or D800? Which one?

I think if "reach" is a major consideration, your reasoning then leads more to a D800 than a D600.  The pixel density along will help with the "reach."  Basically in terms of the "reach", the D7000 is 25% "longer" than the D600, the D800 is 22% "longer" than the D600.

Put another way -- if the long-anticipated 24mp D7100 or D400 comes out, both of those cameras will have 53% more "reach" than the D600, but only 25% more than the D800.  In other words, you'll be very tempted to buy another body to supplement the D600, much like many D700 owners also had a D300.  That's fine if you want to use two separate bodies for differing purposes.

Even if you do not use a grip, the D800 will shoot 5 fps in either 1.2 crop or DX crop mode.

OTOH the D600 may be enough for you and is $900 cheaper.

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