Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

akaRon wrote:

An example of "everything makes sense" in Windows is that you can right click anything, and there you are, the ability to do anything is listed (example: save a pic directly to My Pictures). simple and direct. No jumping through hoops.

Oh, so kind of like how if I right-click on a picture in Mac OS X, there is a command that says Set Desktop Picture, or how if I right-click the desktop, there is a command that says Change Desktop Background. Listen, if you want to talk about Macs, please discuss a recent version of the operating system.

Right-click support is pretty pervasive on Macs. Most apps have it. The Right-click menus on Photoshop are essentially identical to what you would find in Windows Photoshop.

akaRon wrote:

Another example is when shutting down a Windows computer, you just tap the power button and walk away. Mac, click the Apple, then click shut down, and you get the annoying message saying that it will shut down in 60 seconds unless I click the box for immediate shut down. (Yes...or press 4 keys on the keyboard to shut down [control, option, command and eject]).

Again, please describe a workflow that is not out of the old 20th century. Most Mac users I personally know, even the non-technical ones, no longer shut down their computers on a regular basis. The laptop users especially, just sleep their computers most of the time. We measure uptime in weeks, so that when the computer is woken all applications and documents do not have to be restarted and reopened. In other words, many Mac users today, and many users I know on recent stable Windows versions, use a no-shutdown instant-on workflow.

If you want to press the point about shutting down, well, did you know that you can also press the power button on a Mac? Just like you do in Windows. I've used the power button for that for years now. And if you do that, there is no 60 second warning, merely a confirmation dialog so you don't accidentally shut down when you don't want to. Just press Enter to continue. And if you really, really hate that warning, you can bypass it by adding the Option key, then there is absolutely no barrier between you and shutdown. If you have a good reason to actually shut down...

Again...making points is fine, just make sure your knowledge is up-to-date.

As to point 2 (crashes and freezes and oddities) they DO happen with my Mac but are quite rare. I'm not saying they are catastrophic but what I am saying that the Mac "experience" is not flawless.

I don't think any reasonable person is claiming that the Mac experience is "flawless." Otherwise no one would admit to the existence of the Genius Bar and AppleCare, both of which are only needed when there are problems with your Apple gadget. We acknowledge they exist, so we acknowledge there are problems.

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