A99 and EVF now great for studio work

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Re: A99 and EVF now great for studio work

you can already do that in older SLT versions after the a77. glad you enjoyed your studio shoot

barri wrote:

I don't know, if this was posted before, but I remember people complain that the EVF of earlier SLT cameras would not allow them to use the camera for studio work. This was, because in manual mode the EVF image would appear too dark to see your subject.

I now discovered that the A99 has a setting that let's you override this behavior:

go in the menues to "Live View Display" and turn the Setting Effect to Off.

Now you can have a perfectly bright EVF image at any setting in manual mode and thus perfectly use the A99 also for studio work.

All in all, I am just super impressed by the A99. What a great camera so far, and it makes me very happy that I upgraded from my A900.

Thanks, Sony.

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