Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

Undah wrote:

Howard Moftich wrote:

why do you want to switch?

That's a lot of $$$ to drop on a laptop and OS you know nothing about.

1) The way my pictures looked on a mac laptop (compared to my newer pc laptop) got me thinking.

So get a Laptop with a better display.

2) The retina laptops came out, which are even more intriguing.

Why? Because you have 10/20 vision and want a machine that is virtually impossible to service?

3) I've always heard or felt that macs were better for photo and video.

Not true. The best photo and video editing software is available on both platforms.

4) Not sure, but I think the Mac OS comes with already-included functionality for photo and video editing.

Basic software really, and you are overpaying for what you get.

These are some of the reasons. But it is true that the outlay will cost $$$..

Listen, I switched some of the family machines over to Apple computers (iMac and Macbook Pros) starting in 2006. Apple computers breakdown just like Windows PC's do. Hard drives fail, Power supplies die, Keyboards get funky, memory goes bad, magsafe power cords get real finicky over time. I've lived it. If anything Apple machines have been more prone to these failures than our Windows machines. Sure, they may look "cool", but there are plenty of "cool" Windows machines also. My biggest gripe with Apple is that they make it much more difficult to repair your machine after something goes bad on it. Swapping a hard drive, replacing a battery, or display, or motherboard is infinitely more difficult to do on Apple computers. This is by design because Apple doesn't want you to fix your computer, they want you to buy a new machine. My wife's macbook pro "shift" key on the computer failed after two years. I took it to the Apple store and they wanted $300 to replace they keyboard.

If that's the type of computer and service that you are looking for, and if you want to learn all new software, then by all means get an Apple.

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