ISO 800 on the P510 - exceeding my expectations by a long shot....

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Re: ISO 800 on the P510 - exceeding my expectations by a long shot....

Ben Herrmann wrote:

Hey gang...

Just a real quick one here. You know, there is tendency with many of us ole' timers (ole' timers as in meaning within the digital realm - dating back more than a decade) to consider these tiny pin-head sensors as worthless with anything above ISO 80 - 100. In the ole' days, even getting something halfway decent at ISO 200 would have been lucky with even larger sensors just 5 years ago. However, over the years, the advances they've made with sensor design and color engines are nothing less than fantastic. And I can only speculate as to how the future will look.

Having said that, I was just messing around today - a gorgeous day outside (72 degrees F, sunny - all of the windows open). So I grabbed the P510 'cause one of my cats (a female tabby named "Sheba" who was acting like like the primadonna she often turns out to be) on my wife's side of the bed (where she always beds down during the day). So with the lighting being fairly dim in the room, I propped up the ISO to 800, set the camera to AWB, JPG Fine, and began firing away. I had falsely assumed that at ISO 800, the images would be heavily smeared with NR and in addition, I'd probably have to do some NR after-the-fact with software.

But I was pleasantly shocked to discover images that looked more like ISO 100 with perfect balance and no noise. My settings were JPG Fine, AWB, ISO 800, Sharpening 0 (normal), contrast level -1, and color saturation +1 (Active D-Lighting was NOT used). Images were captured at a shutter speed of 1/6 of a second and the VR held up beautifully.

Here's just one sample of the many I captured this afternoon - all were total keepers. And now get this - once I imported them all to Adobe CS, there was virtually nothing I had to do - NADA - no sharpening, no NR, no other adjustments. The only thing I added were frames.

P510 - I'm impressed. NOTE: Make sure to click on the "view original image" link right below the image to see the actual file being uploaded. As usual, with this new forum format, the images they show on a screen is horrible. So click on that view original link.

As an aside, some of you had wanted to know if I'm going to ever get a Canon SX-50 HS. I definitely plan on doing so, but things have been tight lately and so I've not pulled the trigger yet. However, a few days ago I was allowed to bring one home for a day (their display model) from a local Mom and Pop camera store (which is a rarity anymore). I've done business with them for over 15 years and I have an excellent relationship with them.

All I can say was that I was totally impressed with that camera - in particular, when shooting in the RAW mode. So yes, I will be getting one because I now know what it's capable of. I also love the fact that the SX-50 HS has an external hot shoe with use with various Canon flashes. So gang....I think you're gonna love the Canon model also. It also has the very same high ISO capabilities with very little noise. What I really liked was that at the full 1200 MM zoom, AF was quicker and easier to achieve than at the 1000 MM zoom on the P510.

I don't have any photos to show because I really only had it for a few hours, taking a bunch of mundane photos, looking more seriously at ergonomics, high ISO NR, clarity, etc. I found the RAW files to be absolutely superb and this is what Nikon should have added to the P510 (in addition to an external hot shoe).

So look guys, I call 'em as I see them. I love the P510 and am keeping it. But I can see lots of additional possibilities with the Canon SX-50 HS, and certainly looking forward to finally picking one up in another month or so.

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Have a great one....
Ben Herrmann
North Carolina

Excellent photo.  At ISO 800,  the photo looks very crisp, colors are great, exposure wonderful...and a gorgeous cat.

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