With a 60d, what are the two preferred lenses for wedding photography?

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You've gotten some terrible advice here

Seriously, people-- an unstabilized 70-200mm f/4 zoom?  If you don't have any idea of what it takes to actually shoot weddings, don't give advice.  All your advice will be bad.

´╗┐There are not two essential wedding lenses.  One problem is that you would need primes to approximate on a crop camera what you can do with zooms, and this will limit you from the get-go.  You really need to consider buying full frame to do a better, easier job with weddings.

In addition, you will need backup gear.  This goes for bodies, lenses, flashes and other accessories.  You will not like to be the one who spoiled a wedding because your flash blew (essential especially for shooting indoors events with a crop camera), and you were too cheap to have a second in your bag.

The fact that you need backups or at least some functional overlap also needs to guide your choice of kit.  A normal f/2.8 zoom isn't a bad idea, especially as a backup for some primes.  Primes work well for wedding photography because they can give a more intimate look due to narrow depth of field, and because where wide apertures can be used they can also make good use of the ambient light.

The real advice: don't shoot weddings until you know what you're doing in terms of planning and technique; and have backups for all essential gear.  You will be contracting to supply recording of never-to-be-repeated events that are very precious to people; don't cheap out.

You may have some luck finding gigs to second-shoot for free for a while.  This would help you learn what lenses would work best with your particular style, as well as what it takes to shoot a wedding in general.  Of course, you may have a problem as a great many such arrangements require one to have gear already, but do your best.  You will probably want to look a fair ways away geographically for beginning assistant work, to assuage fears that you will cannibalize your mentor's business.

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