With a 60d, what are the two preferred lenses for wedding photography?

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KariP wrote:

Only if people want huge prints, a FF camera is really needed.

That is a misleading statement. FF sensors provides a lot of benefits compared to APS-C

1, 2.56 times more light, 2.56 times better high iso, especially useful in wedding shooting where the best photos are often un-staged, real emotional shots. fast SS and good high iso is essential.

2, with a lot of people clustering in most weddings, good subject isolation can be the difference between an amazing photo to one where the viewer can not tell who is the subject. FF cameras are much better at this and can do so with much cheaper lenses. (for example FF with 85 F1.8 would give you better isolation than APS-C with 50 F1.2L which cost four times the money)

3, FF will always produce sharper image at the same resolution, e.g. 5D3 image resized to 18mp is always sharper than 60D's and native 5D3 image is always sharper than 60D's upscaled to 23mp.

24-105 is an IS lens and that helps indoors. I would take that lens if i had to choose with a small budget.

24-105 is a worse indoor lens than a lot of other zooms (15-85, 17-55, sigma 17-50) , it cuts more than 1 stop of light. most zoom lenses cuts around 0.5-0.7 stop of light.

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