5D3 vs 6D

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Re: 5D3 vs 6D... sensor pixel density is by far the easiest to predict IQ (new ones; not older ones)

Great Bustard wrote:

No. Sony sensors are better by every measure, but photographers do not take photos where this difference is apparent, or, at least, process them in a way that takes advantatage of the sensor superiority or display the photos large enough to where this difference will be apparent.

Again, the same can be said for crop vs FF, but I don't hear anyone arguing that crop is just as good as FF, in terms of IQ.

Thanks for making my point.  My definition of “better” remains visibly better photos in practice, not measurements.  Perhaps we differ only on semantics.

And yes, an APS-C sensor can produce photos that do equal those from a 35mm sensor, assuming a good enough lens.  The ISO range will be more limited, though.

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