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Re: Use your "Common Sense"

dwight3 wrote:

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

chris_uk wrote:

Your best option is to take the baby to a bright area where no flash is needed.

The above is the most logical solution of all. Follow your Son's request and leave the Flash at home.

If anyone (including Father or not) insisted on using flash that I had specifically indicated to NOT do, I would usher Him out of the House without even ONE exposure.
This is, as far as I am concerned; just "common sense" to respect the Parents concerns.

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(1) in a bright area the baby's pupils will be small. Some people prefer dilated pupils in photos because it looks better. YMMV here. (Maybe you could dilate the baby's pupils in post if it's important to you).

(2) While I agree that if the son says don't, then don't. However I would try to change his mind. The son is the boss where his baby is concerned so if you aren't persuasive, end of story. Maybe you could first take some shots of the parents with flash to show just what the deal is? Photography is all about controlling light. That frequently means adding light (but not always). IMHO flash is the easiest way to control the lighting, but there are other ways too.

If you wind up in a "bright area", that doesn't mean you can't use reflectors or other ways to modify the light to soften it. I assume you don't mean just take the kid out in the sunlight and try to deal with the harsh shadows in post. The D600 can do reasonably high ISO well so the bright area could just be a room with good daylight coming in. You can bounce that around to soften the light for the portrait.

Why not just use a Tripod and set the f:stop and exposure properly for good exposure. What did people do before digital-- they certainly didn't always change to use Tri-X or some higher ASA (faster film). I used various film cameras (35mm, 2 1/4, 2 1/4 x 3 1/4, 4 x 5, etc) for close to 50 years before Digital.

Seems to me to be a rather simple matter since I have had the pleasure of photographing MANY new Babies and without using the Flash. Thankfully, I never had even one complaint form the Parents....

Also, soft window light is our Friend.

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