LX3 True 24mm?

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Re: LX3 True 24mm?

About 10 years ago there were very few small cameras with wide zoom lenses on the market, because such lenses with very low levels of distortion were extremely costly to manufacture, and would have made the cameras too expensive to be marketable. But as in-camera processing has speeded up over the years it has become practical to provide software to enhance the distortions produced by lower cost lenses.

It was inevitable in the change from analogue/film cameras (which required high quality optics to deliver high quality images to the film) to digital cameras, that the capabilities of digital image processing would be exploited to enhance images. Developments in enhancement technology have allowed lower quality optics to be successfully used in small cameras. As digital firmware is far cheaper to mass produce than high quality optics, it is not surprising that in a competitive market, in a period of international sales constraints, manufacturers have chosen to choose the lowest cost path to produce their products.

I'm no great user of PP software, but I am still amazed that in my hamfisted way I can use software such as the free SilkyPix which came with my LX3 to remove much of the distortion in OOC images, originally created by my inability to shoot from a better position, as in this example...

...or to confirm that the horizontal coverage of the RAW files taken with my LX3+18mm accessory lens in 16:9 format is some 100 degrees, but when the aberrations are removed is only some 90 degrees.


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