NEX 6 and pdaf samples

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re: currently the 50/1.8 is not on the list of PDAF compatible lenses...

Jason E. wrote:

jpr2 wrote: more tests of this kind - as your running/jumping kids are exactly right target - at 50mm and not too large shooting distance, and in a light good enough to fire at higher SS - unfortunately, wide open at 50mm with this PZ means f/5.6, so little chance to see a truly narrow DOF results of fast action N6 shooting

any chance for you to rent/borrow 22-210?

best, jpr2

I'm tempted to rent one, but can't justify pulling the trigger unless I have a dual purpose/event :-).

Actually, I think a fast prime (i.e., 50mm f/1.8) would approximate the DOF test for fast action testing -- I'm considering picking this one up. The problem -- it's that loud silver & apparently the AF drive motors for this lens are not the fastest from what I've read on these forums. will not answer any questions abt. fast action shooting and tracking and it well might be that such compatibility is not in S's plans at all !!


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