So what is worse on the 5dm3 compared to the 5dm2

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Re: So what is worse on the 5dm3 compared to the 5dm2

rk-d wrote:

Bryan Cady wrote:

From looking at the review, it appears video quality takes a small hit on the 5dm3 compared to the d5m2. I'm sadden to hear that.

What else if anything is worse?

I'm a Nikon guy thinking of jumping ship because of the oil/dust issues with D600 and autofocus of the d800. The 6d spec wise seems to be weak in some areas so I was now going to look at the 5dm2 and 3. If I go Canon I didn't know if I should splurge on the 5dm3.

My biggest considerations are dynamic range, low ISO and sharpness. (I'll learn whatever the menu and controls do and get use to ergonomics) Shooting landscapes mostly. Like video but I am not going professional with it.

I might pull the trigger around Thanksgiving if some deals start coming out for the holiday season but I know that is probably doubtful.


I've shot all three (d800/e, 5D3, 5d2) - my thoughts:

The d800e has sharper images than the 5D3 - particularly at pixel level. You need a high density or high resolution display to really see these differences, but they are there. The dynamic range is better, shadow detail is absolutely better. No real argument there. The L AF focus issue is real, but it's only noticeable when shooting wide open at f/1.8 or less at the extreme L AF point. No excuses there though - the reality is that you may have to go through a couple of bodies if you want perfect extreme L sided wide open AF (and at these prices, who wouldn't - even if you never shoot extreme L wide open). Other than that particular point, the AF of the Nikon is very good - continuous AF is excellent. The grip of the 5D3 is better - overall it seems a bit better constructed than the d800/e. Shooting handheld on the d800/e is not a problem - no more than it is on the 5dIII.

Between the 5D2 and 5D3, there is absolutely nothing to recommend the former over the latter, IMO. The AF and build blow away the 5D2. The absolute image quality is superior to the 5D2, but it's not a leap, like the d800e. In camera noise reduction seems more aggressive, but can be somewhat destructive at higher ISOs. This can give them impression of softness to the 5D3. Low light AF is much better than the 5D2. Dual card slots are a nice bonus and the Auto-ISO is better implemented.

The 5D3 is a fantastic camera - a complete package. The 5D2 is capable of very similar results, but day to day use is not as pleasant or reliable (AF wise). The d800e is the top of the heap in terms of image quality, second to the 5D3 in terms of build.

I'm still a little confused about the Nikon left focus issue.  Forgive me if these questions seem silly.  The focusing "bug" only occurs if you are trying to focus on the left side of the screen?  You won't really notice it unless you have your aperture all the way open because of the narrow depth of field?

Shooting handheld was a concern too with it's megapixel density.  Any "planned landscape" shot will be on a tripod but if I am walking around with the camera, I would be handheld only.

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