Confession of a Lazy JPG Snap Shooter

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Re: I can be lazy, but I shoot raw...

moimoi wrote:

In this link, you will be able to download a full res. file:

Download Full Res. File here

So why shooting raw, to me the main answer is all about "controls", better controls of colors:

* better control in WB

* better control in tone curve

* better control in noise reduction

* individual channels can be tweaked

* better control in sharpness

* better control in clarity

* shadows/highlights recovery

* lens distortion, vignetting, CAs

* using different camera profile


wow !

"better ?" ... but better than what? As a reprographer I would guarantee it's very difficult to do "better" a better result than these provided by the in-camera .jpeg except for special jobs (about 1% of shots for most of photographer, imho)...

Because the perspective to do a wrong setting in PP is HUGE.... If you don't know exaclty what are you doing...

If you contest that Moimoi, talk to us about your workflow (because all it's depend of that, you need to be a real "pro" to equal or outperform any in-camera .jpeg if possible...)

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