Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

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Re: Said Good Bye to my Canon 5D MK II today.

rrr_hhh wrote:

Chris_in_Osaka wrote:

CharlesTokyo wrote:

I can say good things about all those lenses, except the Macro. Haven't gotten that yet. I think you'd be pleased with any/all of them.

I'm pleased with the price of the macro, well within reach. Still, the 75mm is tempting.

The 75mm is my sharpest mft lens. Its corners are on parr with my legacy Contax G 45mm F2 when used on the E-M5. However it is a rather long focal length, at least for me. I wish my m.Zuiko 45mm F1.8 was as sharp as those two, but it seems that I have got a bad copy of it.

Really the 75mm produce a stunning IQ, but it s just a little long for me, I have to stand back a lot for the kind of subjects I'm shooting usually.

If your 45 f/1.8 isn't tack sharp at f/1.8 I feel sorry for you as mine is sensational. 75 is a useless Fl to me on m4/3. Olympus got the Fl of the macro and 75mm the wrong way around. I'd much preferred a 75 f/2.8 macro and a 60 f/1.8 (1.4) standard prime

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