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Re: 5D3 vs 6D... sensor pixel density is by far the easiest to predict IQ (new ones; not older ones)

Great Bustard wrote:

Phil Hill wrote:

I’m not fully convinced of Sony’s overall superiority.

What more do you need to convince you? There's not only the greater pixel count and higher DR, but the photos demonstrating what those can give you.

Photos that actually look better, not charts and graphs.  That’s my definition of better.

Is the D800 sensor better than the D4 sensor, or does it merely have a higher pixel count?  Is the 5D3 sensor better than the 1DX sensor?  I don’t think pixel count determines a better sensor.  We just choose the pixel count that’s appropriate for what we do.  And if we need 36MP, we buy (or rent or borrow) a D800.

And I really don't believe that Sony sensors are necessarily better for all people all of the time.

Specifically, shadow DR at low ISO isn’t better for people that don’t lift shadows more than two stops, or for people that typically don’t shoot at low ISO.

The fact that you’ve seen photos that purported to gracefully boost more than two stops but can no longer be found would tend to show it was the exception.

I’ve seen examples of excessive shadow lifting that tend to prove the rule, but I’m not saying it’s a completely useless feature.  In fact, I did say I’d welcome that in a Canon camera.  But it’s just a feature.  “Better” implies that all, or at least most photos will be better, and this one feature can’t deliver that.

I think the only thing we really disagree about, though, is a blanket “better” for Sony sensors without any further qualification.  Obviously Sony has a sensor for the person that needs or simply wants 36MP, and Canon doesn’t.  All of Sony’s recent sensors are more suitable for those that will be doing more than a couple of stops of shadow recovery at lower ISO speeds.

Those are two features that can be very useful, but neither qualifies as a blanket “better” for all (or even most) photos, in my opinion.  If Sony sensors were truly better then we'd be seeing that demonstrated by superior photos.

By the way, I never said Canon sensors had an advantage over Sony’s.  Other than being in the cameras I use, of course.

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