nikon 55-200 vr is this the lens for me ? ,

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Re: nikon 55-200 vr is this the lens for me ? ,

jhorse   I think my big problem what that I was not keeping the focus point on the horse and following it in a panning motion as the horse jumps .  My timing was ok but I think I was doing something that allowed the camera to grab something else to focus on .  I was getting a lot of shots that were not in focus ( that was driving me crazy) and I thing my reaction was there was something wrong with my lens, I am sure this is a standard beginner reaction .....   I have read alot about this lens and have seen stunning photos posted on this and other fourms of what the 55-200 vr can do , when you do it right .......  On days when there is enough light I wanted photos that looked sharp and crisp .   As you know when a horse is cantering around a course of jumps it does stay in the focus plan for a short period of time ( af-c)  I do think the horse is moving faster than the lens can handle ,  I am in the horse business , so I have plent of oppurtunity to practice

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