Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

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Re: Switching from PC to Mac.. anything you wish you knew?

akaRon wrote:

An example of "everything makes sense" in Windows is that you can right click anything, and there you are, the ability to do anything is listed (example: save a pic directly to My Pictures). simple and direct. No jumping through hoops.

Maybe this is news to you but the Mac has extensive contextual menu support (accessible via right-click). Sure, there are differences but unless you can show us a significant list, this sounds rather like you did not find a single command you were looking for and extrapolated from there.

Another example is when shutting down a Windows computer, you just tap the power button and walk away. Mac, click the Apple, then click shut down, and you get the annoying message saying that it will shut down in 60 seconds unless I click the box for immediate shut down. (Yes...or press 4 keys on the keyboard to shut down [control, option, command and eject]).

All the people using Windows users that I have seen shutting down their computer did this via the Start button (or ctrl-alt-delete). Very similar to Macs where a press on the (hardware) power button followed by hitting enter is actually very similar (the Apple menu would be the equivalent to the Start button and the hardware power button the equivalent to ctr-alt-delete). I really don't see any major differences here.

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