ARGHHHH - A second Elinchrom BXRI-500 bit the dust

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: ARGHHHH - A second Elinchrom BXRI-500 bit the dust

drh681 wrote:

Have I said you may be over using these units?

For the time and aggravation they have cost you, you could could be cranking right along with a head and pack system.

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Photons by the bag.
Gravitons no longer shipped outside US or Canada
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don't want a head and pack system. We use our lights on location with a vagabond battery. Basically, my read on these is that they have a design defect and are unable to dissipate the heat from being in a 22" beauty dish.

I'm going to call them monday and read them the riot act but unless they're willing to upgrade me to the 600RX lights (i'll be glad to pay the difference) I'm going to dump them and go back to alien bees and perhaps the Einstein for a main light in the beauty dish.

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