E-PL5, first real-life shot and some info

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Re: E-PL5, panasonic lenses

micksh6 wrote:

Allan Brown wrote:

For those who have this camera and Panasonic lenses, is there any hint of lockup with any lens or banding with the 20mm?

No lockups so far, but I haven't used 20mm much. Shot a lot of tests with 25mm yesterday - no problems.

As for banding - I took several underexposed shots with Pana 20mm, ISO 6400 and 12800.
Does the effect on photo below qualify as banding? I don't think so. If there is a banding it's well hidden below high ISO noise. Note that these are underexposed ISO 12800 and there is no such thing at ISO 6400. Second photo is the same frame, exposure raised by 1 stop and shadows by 100 in LR.
I personally don't think there is an issue, although I admit I don't see this with other lenses. And the test was done on "cold" lens, just after powering up. These are 1:1 crops
I also did some IBIS tests. Lens was Oly 40-150mm zoom at 150mm.
I can reliably get sharp shots at 1/100s, and at 1/80s with probably 80% reliability. Adding 1/8s anti-shock improves reliability at 1/80s to 95% maybe.

Thank you for doing these tests. I may be getting one at Christmas.


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