Canon 600EX-RT Flash Colour Gel Holder

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Re: Canon 600EX-RT Flash Colour Gel Holder

All that sounds fine but not always practical. Event last Friday with minimal mercury vapour lamps on at start plus tungsten lighting pulsing on dimmers. Also loads of blue LED effect spots swirling around!!!!! Just added a 1/4 CTO and went for it, shot RAW and med jpgs. Still can't get a skin tone that I would be happy with as changing lighting across the 500+ frames.
Sometimes you just have to accept that we can only do what we can do within the constraints of our working environment.
On a positive not the 600EX RT seems a sturdy tool at the moment. I may have to sell some of my older flash units to get another to see the main benefit sooner rather than later of the RT. Actually wuld probably be good to shift some of the PW's to help fund the change as well!

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