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Re: Photography Classes or Workshops???

Josh Jones wrote:

I am looking into expanding my photographic knowledge by taking some photography classes. However, I am not sure if it is better to take a few classes at a local junior college (I live in Dallas) or look for workshops taught by well known pro's.

I already have a "decent" understanding of aperture/iso/shutter and how to adjust them to get a correct exposure. I generally stay in the aperture priority settings and adjust my iso based upon the light and my exposure compensation for the shot I want. However, I can and do shoot manual when in settings of tricky light (I enjoy concert photography and try to shoot one at least weekly). However, I am still not capable of seeing a scene and choosing the perfect setting right off the bat. I generally just set --> review --> adjust --> review and shoot with periodic reviews to confirm exposure is still good. I do understand that experience is better than classes in this regard most likely.

Past education. I have no formal photographic education training. I enjoyed photography when I was young, but that was with a basic point and shoot film camera with the single use bulb flashes. I then, unfortunately, had gotten out of photography due to school, sports, etc... About 9 years ago I had gotten back into photography with a digital point and shoot and really expanded my understanding about 3 years ago with my first dSLR purchase. Everything I know I have learned from this forum, various websites and lots of practice. Even though I feel that I have come a long way, I understand that going to classes/workshops and working with pros in the field would enrich my understanding much more.

What am I looking for in education?

1) a deeper understanding of exposure and creativity

2) better flash photography from fill flash to off board multiple flash units set ups. (I know that strobist is a good starting website for this, but havent fully gone through it yet)

3) better PP technique. I currently do basic adjustments (ie: WB, sharpeness, brightness, contrast, shadows, cropping...everything to the whole scene, not portions of a scene)

4) better technique for various styles such as macro (something I want to get into and am currently looking at lenses for this style)

So what do you recommend? Workshops or Classes? If possible, does anyone have any recommendations for the Dallas area.

Have you checked out Santa Fe Photography Workshops; I'm hoping to attend one on Display and printer calibration in Feb 25, 2012.

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