NEX 5R: what a big mistake I made

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Return it, get a dirt cheap 5N

ngc894 wrote:

Hi there, I sold my NEX 5N to buy the all new 5R. Oh boy, what a terrible mistake it was.
These are the CONS of the new 5R compared to the old 5N:
1. Picture quality on the 5R is slightly worse than the 5N, pictures apear to be a bit less sharp than those of the 5N (both with the same lenses).

2. Build quality is slightly worse than the 5N, it retains the same body but the shutter has a plasticky feel that I don't like.

3. NO BATTERY CHARGER INCLUDED: This is a big mistake: You have to charge the battery using the camera. No charger provided. That means that your beloved camera will be around the house quite often, and sooner or later someone will step into the cable or something...
Besides, I do not like the idea of using some electronics of the camera to charge the battery.
Of course the 5N has a nice battery charger.

4. The camera freezes very often. Maybe is a firmware bug, but the very last thing you want is that you camera frezees often. And power down and then up again does not solve the problem. You have to take the battery out, and then replace it and power up, at which time the camera will display a message telling you that the Database is corrupted. Very disapointing indeed.

5. WIFI: a complete NIGHTMARE. The camera does not have an option to reveal the password
characters, so if you have to type a 20 character password you are out of luck, believe me on this.

6. WIFI: it takes around 15 minutes for the camera to scan all available wifi spots on your surroundings. Once you try to connect to the right one, it's very difficult because the camera continues scanning no matter what. Very annoying.
7. TOUCH SCREEN: Another bummer. Unlike the 5N, the new 5R features a resistive touchscreen. The NEX-5R has a resistive (lower quality) instead of a capacitive touch screen like the NEX-5N. I found myself, callibrating and recallibrating the screen time after time. The screen of the 5N felt great and very responsive.

Just to summarize: a step backwards from SONY and a big mistake I made.

I am even thinking of returning it for a refund.

The only way you will be happy is to quickly return it.  The 5Ns are heavily discounted and you can pick one up and be happy again! 

Good luck in what ever you do.

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