$710 for 17mm f/1.8? Crazy overpriced

Started Nov 9, 2012 | Discussions thread
fabgo Senior Member • Posts: 1,300
Olympus pricing is pushing me back to Nikon...

I like the Olympus lenses. They seem pretty good. But the pricing is crazy, especially once you add in the cost of the flimsy hood. And why don't they come in black?

I would like m4/3 a lot more if the Olympus primes were more reasonably priced. As it stands right now I'm tilting back in favor towards my D800. With the new f/1.8 primes it's a fairly lightweight kit. And it's far more versatile, with a 2-stop DOF advantage, 2-stop ISO advantage, proper focus tracking, 50% higher resolution, etc. Of course it's more expensive, but not by that much. D800 + 28/50/85 f/1.8 is roughly $4400. OM-D + 12/17/45 is about $2900.

The Olympus advantage is that it's half the weight, but at 4 lbs. the D800 kit isn't exactly heavy either.

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