Not a single M43 camera anywhere to be found in my local BestBuy today...

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Charles Pike
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Re: Not a single M43 camera anywhere to be found in my local BestBuy today...

Charlotte has one remaining camera store.  Wolf/Ritz went under for the 2nd time just a while ago.  Wonder how much they owed Nikon and Canon this time.  A few years ago, when Wolf/Ritz went under they owed over $20 million each to Nikon and Canon.  Now we have no where to check out a camera to see if it is something that we want to purchase.  Before I bought my Panasonic GF1 and later the G3, I looked into the Lecia X1, and couldn't find a dealer between D.C. and Atlanta.  Now it might be the same for m 4/3 cameras.  Still, I like my G3 enough, that I might just not be looking for a new camera until the G3 dies.  I am buying everything at B&H and happy with the service.  Just received a Canon 9500 printer from them on sale.  Listed for over $800, but on sale for $600 with a $300 rebate (yes, I did receive my rebate).  Later when I checked the price had gone back up to over $800.  Looks like if you don't live in NY, your just going to have to buy guessing about what you are going to get.  Read everything you can to see what you might want, but it is hard to replace holding the camera in your hand before you make your purchase.

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