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Re: DPR image display question

Luc de Schepper wrote:

I just posted some images in a thread on this forum and noticed the huge difference in image quality of the images when posted via a link to my Flickr and the original images on Flickr.

The image on DPR looks flat and dull. The original is colorful and vibrant.

Does anybody know what's going on here?

Original on Flickr


Example via link to Flickr

Yes!! You must click on the "ORIGINAL" below the picture and then click on the picture that comes up. It will enlarge the image to the size you uploaded. It is the same picture then.

I feel confident that DPReview is doing this to save bandwidth. But is gets lost on most viewers as they do not understand the process.

More is the shame! I understand why they are doing this,.....But it is after all, a photo forum visited by folks who appreciate good photography. DPReview is trying to help folks pick the best camera for them. There add dollars come from the company's who products are taking the pictures the owners post on this forum. Question. How many potential buyers of a particular camera have not purchased the camera because the pictures they see here do not look as good as they actually are?

This sight needs to think long, and hard, about this, it seems to me.


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