Where's the speed?

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Re: Where's the speed?

ralittle2 wrote:

Nikon used to produce three DSLR's with high FPS, the D3, D700, and D300. Now they've updated the D3, but there are no direct replacements for the D700 or D300 with the necessary high FPS for a sports camera. At some point I might become less concerned whether the camera is full-frame or DX, but I would think that there would have to be something that costs less than 6k that can do 7/8 FPS. Doesn't this make at least a little sense?

I've been making this same point too.

The D800 is a great high res camera.  The D600 is the most affordable FX camera.  Neither is particularly optimized for shooting action.   The D800 has the right AF, but not the fps.  The D600 and the D7000 have neither.  While all of those can be used for action, none are as optimized for it as either the D700 or D300 (AF, fps, buffer, AF-ON, etc...) were in their day.

So, what I think we're seeing now is a bit of a pendulum swing.  Nikon came out with a couple innovative FX cameras and apparently prioritized those above new cameras at the the top end of the DX line or even an action camera in the FX line (e.g. a D700 upgrade).  But, DX is still a huge portion of Nikon's overall sales and will likely remain so for a very long time.  And, as you and Kerry point out, the need for great action cameras is still there and Nikon likely doesn't want to cede that to the competition.

I think we'll see the pendulum swing back the other way in 2013 and get some great new DX cameras, including one optimized for action.  Whether we see both a 7100 and a D400 or just a D7100 that moves upscale from the D7000 is unclear yet.

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