Wideangel lens for D800

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DuxX wrote:

You have a very negative attitude and without reason.

It is the largest stock agency and every file is inspected at 100% and 200% magnification. If this files do not meet quality standards, then those files would not be accepted. If these files meet quality standards of stock agency I do not see why it would not meet the standards of poster of this thread. That was my point.
Also I offered to send some full size non stock samples to poster. Like you can see I offered much more help to poster than you. So if you think that my post is wasting of time then please try to post something with more purpose and help and don't waste your time by reading my posts. Thank you.

Quit your whining.  I'm not the one wasting other people's time and DPR bandwidth posting useless thumbnails, when the OP asked for examples to show the strengths, or weaknesses, of the aforementioned camera and lens combo.
But you can bet, crybaby troll, that you will henceforth be summarily ignored...and I'm sure not just by me.

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