Aperture just deleted 233 GB of my photo files!!! Worst Apple product ever!

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Re: Aperture just deleted 233 GB of my photo files!!! Worst Apple product ever!

This is a major design problem in Aperture and though documented, an ill conceived aspect that I wish they would fix.

YES, if you import a file of images into a project and DELETE THE PROJECT, your original images will be moved to the TRASH.

It makes no sense since projects should contain "versions" of the files but that's how it works.  Questions that arise.  If you import a second "Project" with versions of your files (which you normally wouldln't) and then DELETE one of the projects, will  your originals be trashed or unchanged?

You can delete individual versions of files within the project without deleting the master but once you delete the project, the originals are trashed.  Mostly this reveals itself on aborted imports if you decide to "delete the project" and start over.

This and understanding that the "Projects" list doesn't emulate your folder hierarchies are the most difficult aspects of Aperture.  Still, I far prefer it to Lightroom.

Also on my Aperture WISH LIST is I wish they'd make the display of the EXIF INFO larger and easier to read like LR and wish they'd improve the print module.  I like being able to see my images with "matts" around them and now, the only way to do this in Aperture is to fake a print.  I'd like to see this as a view mode.

Aperture is a great editor with many useful features.  Project management is the most difficult to understand.

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