D800E and 70-200: how much better is VRII over VRI?

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Re: D800E and 70-200: how much better is VRII over VRI?

To me the biggest improvement in the VR-II over the VR-I is this: First and foremost, the sharpness/contrast/micro-contrast at all focal lengths in the close to intermediate distances, and secondly, better corner performance at 200mm. The trick is to read into that sentence; because you mentioned landscape photography, which tends to be longer distances. While I have no problem with the VR2 at long distances, this lens to me is definitely just *stellar* at the more moderate distances, where it's prime good, and only just an every day very good lens at infinity. So if you're not going to use it for shorter/moderate distance work, it might be wise to wait and see how the 70-200/4 does - it's quite possible that the newer, slower lens might be optimized for longer distances, or more generally balanced, and thus perform better in some scenarios and worse in some scenarios, than the 2.8 VR-II. We obviously just don't know yet. I say this because the 800E is so revealing a camera that lens performance differences, definitely including differences in how they work at varying distances, are quite obvious. So I"d recommend waiting before making a move unless ythink your intended usage includes the shorter/moderate distances where the VR2 is so amazing, and if that's the case for your needs, then the VR2 2.8 s a no brainer.


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