The biggest Sony negative: service and support

Started Nov 10, 2012 | Discussions thread
photo chris Regular Member • Posts: 281
Re: Why would you call Sony?

taamberg wrote:

There aren't that many HDMI capture devices out there in the world, and Sony, as a major vendor of serious video cameras should have a compatibility lab set up for testing purposes.

So its Sony's responsibility to make sure third party devices are fully compatible with its products?  What about flashes?  Lenses?  Wireless triggers?  Remotes?  Time lapse triggers?  Aftermarket batteries?  Cases?  Straps?  But why stop there?  Make sure the HDMI works with every device on the planet with an HDMI, because there are certainly more TV's than external recorders so that would make sense.  Right?  Of course not.  Your logic is flawed to say the least.

Tell that to Apple or Toyota - you need to test every accessory everybody makes for your products and get back to me in a week or two when they stop laughing.

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