The biggest Sony negative: service and support

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Re: Why would you call Sony?

If the HDMI out is clean - and it is - the onus is on the device manufacturers to ensure compatibility, not Sony. The camera is just sending out data, the device needs to encode is as its ingested so if you're having issues its a Black Magic issue. In "The Calling" they're using external recorders - so it obviously works. And if you watch the Atomos Ninja video from Photokina, it clearly works as well. Some cameras work with external recorders without any issues and some need work to get everything to sync up correctly. Again, regardless of Sony service's knowledge of its product - or lack thereof, your issue is with Black Magic.

I'll refer back to my original example - the Ninja works right out of the box with no issues with many cameras - but it wouldn't work properly with the D800 until Atomos revised the firmware and found out that the camera will not send a clean signal with a card in the camera.  So it makes no difference how many other cameras your device works with, its ultimately up to Black Magic to fix any issues with the A99, not Sony.

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