Comparison Sigma Marco 150 mm and 180 mm 2.8 - can somebody help

Started Nov 11, 2012 | Discussions thread
Erland Nielsen Regular Member • Posts: 487
used Sigma 150 mm and 180/3.5 for quite some time

I've used the 180/3.5 since 2002, on 10D, from 2006 on 5D, and since 2012 on 5DIII. I've also used 150/2.8 since 2005. I mostly photograph dragonflies, so mostly is in the macro 1:2 to macro 1:4 region.

I did not feel the difference switching to full frame in 2006, having to get closer to the macro subjects. That may be due to the fact that I began the 2006 insect season with the full frame camera, not having used the crop since autumn the year earlier. But surely I could not get extremely close anymore, making the frame filled with the eyes of the insects (when using 2x converter). For normal subjects I just had to get a little bit closer.

But with the 90 mm lens, I understand your concerns.

I am also looking at the new sigma 180/2.8. I had hoped for a new canon 180 with IS, but I may jump for the sigma 180/2.8 in the spring, if nothing appears from canon.

I always use the 150 and 180 with monopod and a tilt-head. I don't really feel that one lens is significantly better than the other, although sharpness and out of focus highlighs may be slightly better with the 150. The 150 is shorter and not so heavy, but I don't mind a big heavy lens when doing macro from a monopod. Mecanically, the 180 feels a bit more sturdy.

The new 180 is huge compared to the 150 with OS, which is more or less the same size as my old 150 non-OS. Even compared to my old 180 the new 180/2,8 is much heavier. I haven't tried any of the lenses, but don't expect to be using them without monopod, although I know a few people who use the 150 OS hand held.

I've searched for information about the 180/2.8 OS, but there is hardly anything out there on the internet, and nobody seems to use it yet, although some on-line stores in Germany claim they have it in store ready for delivery. The place I normally buy stuff (in German)y, claims there is a three week delivery delay.

Hopefully the 180/2.8 has dropped a bit in price when spring comes, and I want a new toy. My dream has always been a 300 mm 1:1 macro lens, maybe f/4. Would be big, but nice.



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