Difference between K5 and K5IIS

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Re: Difference between K5 and K5IIS

James O'Neill wrote:

Having pixel peeped at most of the IIs Pics posted I can see small improvements. They are not as great as the improvements between the k7 and K5, or the K10D and K7 or *ist-D and K10D. If people choose to upgrade that's up to them, and if I hadn't bought a K5 there would be enough push to get the II or IIs. If you bought a K5 when the first came out and mentally write the camera down over 3 years it might be worth changing. But I'm not.

Yep, what he said . I think what it comes down to is similar to the difference a moderate MP jump would cause. As long as noise is not a factor, more MP (with all other things being equal) would mean two things. You can crop further to reveal more detail, or you can print larger without a loss of sharpness. The LPF removal essentially does the same thing, but if you don't print huge on your K5 or crop a lot, you won't really notice. I happen to crop, or at least want the option to, so I didn't want to pass up the IIs.

The important thing to remember is most of pentax's recent models have been saweet cameras when compared to like priced competition. Soon enough, the IIs will be old news when the 24mp filterless K3 is here, then we will have some current K5 owners posting shots that out resolve my beloved IIs. No worries, life is just a big cycle, even for a camera.

PS...To the future K3 owners, remember the FF K1 will likely come after that, so choose wisely lol

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